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Electro Zinc Coated Steel

Product details

Standard number: BS EN 10152:2017    DC01 ZE 25/25 

Strength: 160-300 Mpa (0.51mm – 0.70mm), v140-280Mpa (<0.70mm) 

Max. chemical composition % by mass









Electro zinc coated steel

Electro galvanising is the process of bonding a layer of zinc to the surface of mild steel in order to protect it against corrosion, it is commonly referred to electro zinc or EZ.

What are the benefits of electro zinc coating?

Electro zinc coating provides corrosion resistance, whilst retaining many of the characteristics of mild steel in terms of laser cutting, bending, forming, folding and welding due to the very accurate control of zinc coating applied. It is low maintenance, and durable with good abrasion resistance. It is also excellent for painting or powder coating processes.

Our electro zinc steel quality assurance

Our electro zinc products are available with a certificate of conformity supplied to BS EN 10152:2017  DC01 ZE 25/25.

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